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Since the 70s, a large number of Vietnamese immigrants have sought to come to the United States. Initially, many of these people were refugees who were looking for a safe place to live for themselves and their families. In the decades since, people of Vietnamese descent have established themselves as a successful and growing part of the American population, and many others who were born in Vietnam are looking to complete the immigration process and come to live in the U.S.

Chicago is one of the larger centers where Vietnamese immigrants live in the United States. Around 19,000 Vietnamese people live in the city and the greater metropolitan area, with many of them concentrated in North Side neighborhoods, including Uptown, Albany Park, and Rogers Park. Chicago also provides multiple ethnic institutions for those from Vietnam, including a chamber of commerce, veteran's organizations, mutual benefit societies, and Vietnamese Buddhist temples and Roman Catholic churches.

With the opportunities available in the U.S. and the cultural institutions in Chicago that can benefit those of Vietnamese descent, many immigrants are looking to move to the city and ensure that they and their families can obtain employment and pursue educational opportunities. Khan Nayyar & Associates, LLC works with Vietnamese immigrants to help them obtain the necessary visas to enter the United States and meet the requirements to receive a Green Card. With our criminal defense experience, we can also help address any issues related to crimmigration.

Immigration for Vietnamese Family Members

Many people of Vietnamese descent are well-established in the United States, allowing them to sponsor family members for immigration. At Khan Nayyar & Associates, LLC, we know the value of family relationships, and we regularly work with U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents to help them bring their family members to the United States. We can help you understand your options for obtaining family-based visas, and we will work to make sure you complete the visa application process successfully and apply for adjustment of status once your family members have met all of the necessary requirements.

The types of visas you may be eligible for will depend on the status of sponsoring family members and their relationship with those who wish to enter the U.S. These visas may include:

  • IR Visas - Immediate relatives of U.S. citizens can typically obtain these types of visas with no waiting period. These relatives include a person's spouse, parents, and minor children who are not married.
  • F Visas - These visas apply to immediate relatives of Green Card holders and more distant relatives of U.S. citizens. There is usually a quota for the number of visas issued each year, as well as a waiting period before a person can enter the United States.
  • K Visas - A U.S. citizen may obtain this type of nonimmigrant visa to allow their foreign fiancé(e) to come to the United States to get married. The new spouse will receive a conditional Green Card, and they will need to apply to remove the conditions on permanent residence after two years.

Work-Based Visas for Vietnam Immigrants

Since Vietnamese immigrants have established themselves in the American economy over the past several decades, there are many opportunities for employment for those who are looking to come to the U.S. from Vietnam. The different types of work visas that are available are based on the type of employment and an immigrant's qualifications. H-1B visas allow those with advanced degrees or who work in some specialty occupations to live and work in the United States temporarily, and other H visas are available for certain types of temporary, seasonal, or agricultural workers. EB visas require sponsorship by an employer, and they offer an immigrant the ability to live permanently in the U.S. while providing a path to citizenship. Whether you are an immigrant or an employer, Khan Nayyar & Associates can help you complete the application process for employment-based visas.

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